Our Capabilities    

Thin Film Coating

Wangi is one of the pioneers in optical thin-film coating in Singapore. Wangi has been manufacturing optical components and coatings for the past 18 years.

Our optical fabrication facility with advanced coating capabilities allows us to manufacture optical components and systems operating throughout the ultraviolet, visible and infrared ranges.

Our coating technology and processes ensure the best results in increasing reflections or eliminating them (anti-reflection) by means of various different materials and nano-layer thicknesses. With the use of plasma supporting technology, Wangi has technical capability to do low temperature optical coating, on heat sensitive substrates such as polymers.

Wangi is a leading manufacturer of high quality front surface mirrors. We have achieved this position by supplying customers worldwide with quality mirrors, in high volume, on time delivery, and at competitive prices.

Our price competitive Thin-film Coating Products and Services include:

  • Anti-Reflection Coating (including Single Layer, V-Coat and BBAR)
  • Front/ Back Surface Mirrors
  • UV Mirrors
  • Filter Coating
  • Gold Coating
  • Hydrophobic Coating
  • Conductive Coating
  • Anti-scratch Coating

Our Coating Technology includes:

  • In-Line Sputtering Evaporation
  • Cathodic Arc Evaporation
  • Ion-assisted E-Beam Evaporation
  • Thermal Evaporation
  • Ion- Beam Sputtering
  • Optical Replication Process

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