Where We Started    

Our Story

Our history dates back to 1968. At the age of 20, our Founder and Managing Director, Chew Yeow Teng founded the company on dreams and passion. With loans from relatives and family members he invested in the first hot stamping machine. Wangi Industrial started printing diaries at a garage.

In the 1970s, many foreign electronics companies started to make their base in Singapore. Wangi began to provide printing services to these multinational corporations. Drive, passion and diligence led us to the acquisition of our first operation plant at Senang Crescent in Singapore. Innovation steered Wangi to be one of the pioneers to provide surface finishing solutions such as Pad and Silkscreen printing on electronics components. Wangi also diversified and ventured into providing electro-plating services for the batteries industry in 1978. Since then, we have grown to become a dominant service provider of surface finishing solutions.

Wangi’s vision and unique business model provide the macro framework for growth. We prospered and grew during the 1980s through innovation and being customer focused. The company diversified into value-added services such as design and sub assembly.

A turning point came in 1997.On a trade visit to Europe, YT Chew recognize the huge potential in the glass industry and brought in our first generation of glass processing machines .In the same year, Wangi also earned its place on the prestigious Enterprise 50 Award list.

Technological advancement and expansion into new businesses continued with the support of local government agencies. As a forerunner in the precision glass machining and thin-film coating, Wangi broke new ground in Singapore for pioneering the manufacturing of high capacity, low cost thin film coated glass components used in electronics products, such as document imaging machines and optical devices.

In 1998, we moved into our present Singapore HQ at Ubi. Wangi gradually moved its lower value operations like surface finishing and less complex optical manufacturing to China. The Shanghai factory was set up in 2001. Our second China facility was set up in Shenzhen 3 years after that.

To expand our optics manufacturing capabilities, Wangi has set up an advanced optics manufacturing facility in Singapore in 2003 to deliver high performance coatings and custom-made precision optics. This is for various applications in the photonics industry including medical science and biotechnology analysis instruments.

Over the years, we learnt to innovate, test and learn. We believe that we are always operating on a fresh frontier, discovering and solving new problems, and exploring possibilities. We are confident that through dedication, passion and hard work of our team, we can deliver solutions that equate success for our customers, our people and Wangi.

“ Our Goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”  Vincent Van Gogh, artist

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